700c Schwinn Pathway Men's Multi-Use Bike, Black

700c Schwinn Pathway Men\'s Multi-Use Bike, Black

I've had this bike for almost a year and I can say that it looks very nice, it has all the screws to mount almos every accessory. It was a little too tall for me, but that's my own problem for being too short ;-) .

At first, the bike rode well, but a few weeks (3 or so) after the parts started falling apart. The first thing to fail was the pedals, they are made of a soft plastic, easily broken if you exert some force on them. Then, there went the connecting rod, after that, the front and rear gears wore out prematurely, then, the spring on the rear V-brakes failed. I had to replace everything with standard quality parts, only the seat, frame, wheels, and fork are still the same, every other mechanical part had been to be replaced. I've spent the price of the bike buying and installing the replacement pieces. The exposed steel cables make the bike difficult to park with a Kryptonite U-Lock.

In conclussion: The design is nice for a street bike, specially in a city full of potholes. The quality of the components besides the frame, fork, seat, and handle is sub-par. The quality issues are detrimental to the overall value of the bike.

Think before you buy it and if you use your bike everyday, consider another bicycle, invest your money wisely.

Daniel P., 02/08/2022
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